Our company

What is our Mission?

Ki-Flot offers safety and flotation through a neoprene technical suit specially designed to cover all the needs of the aquatic environment, making available to the user a unique system designed by professionals specialized in physical activity and swimming.

What is our view?

Ki-Flot wants to become the first Spanish company specialized in flotation systems for children and adults, offering an effective and safe solution during the learning, improvement and swimming training.

Our fundamental values

  • Adaptability through a design that can be easily modified depending on the user needs
  • Confidence in our suit for its specialized technical characteristics
  • Responsibility, due to our intelligent flotation system emerged to cover a family need in a safe and effective way
  • Originality in our unique designs in Spain
  • Business professionalism of the team with more than 25 years of experience in the aquatic environment

How did the idea come about?

I have taught many children how to swim and I have always been very careful with possible accidents, but in this activity all precaution is not enough because in a minimum of carelessness the most terrible thing can happen. When Mateo, my youngest son, who was 1 and a half years old, he fell into the swimming pool, then Rodrigo (the eldest son) was the one who noticed the fall thanks to the noise that caused Mateo when he hit the water; in our case it was a phone call which caused the lack of momentary attention ... But we already know that a very brief carelessness can be irreparable.

From that moment I became obsessed with the idea of creating something to avoid these situations and after testing vests, sleeves and different types of flotations, you see that you can prevent it from sinking but you still have the same problem, when you take them off they still do not know how to swim and the learning process can even be delayed. That's why I designed a neoprene suit with interior pockets all over the body where we can insert flotation sheets!

What fundamental aims do we achieve with Ki-Flot?

  1. Homogeneous floatation throughout the body thanks to the neoprene suit that allows you to move naturally and dexterity
  2. Selective flotation providing a greater degree of flotation where we need it. Also the child can not manipulate the suit and escape neither
  3. Earlier and safer learning. We got children of about 20 months to defend themselves in the water without fear of getting tired or sinking, enjoying more of their swimming lessons. When their evolution is calm and safe we are eliminating the flotation sheets and the child does not perceive their absence and he keeps swimmingneopreno natación