Kiflot advantages

These are the advantages of Kiflot:

Ki-flot is also indicated for students with physical or mental disabilities. The design of "ki-flot" allows you to regulate the flotation center of the student. This variable floating disposition allows to increase the suit flotability in areas where it is most needed, enabling the raising of the trunk and allowing the student to keep the head out the water when the student make alternative movements of arms and legs in a basic way. puppy style. "It also allows a stable flotation in prone or supine position improving hydrodynamics. This situation reassures the student by reducing the anxiety level in the lessons and allowing rehabilitation exercises, which the physiotherapist-teacher can face up better the swimmer requirements.
Learning time
The ki-flot use in swimming teaching processes substantially reduces the learning times. The ki-flot design has a natural feeling in the movements, avoiding or decreasing the fear that people may have to the water. The first day we use the ki-flot swimsuit, the authorized person must adapt the interior floating accessories according to the body morphology and the child's abilities to stabilize the flotation, normally the head will be out of the water and for this we must stimulate the child to move the legs and arms (basic puppy swim). In this way the child quickly acquires confidence and his evolution will be surprising. Ki-flot provides a homogeneous flotation throughout the body and allows us to move with ease and dexterity in the water.
Any style
With ki-flot you can swim in any style (crol, backstroke and butterfly etc). The design of ki-flot allows the suit adjustable flotation, improving the hydrodynamic position and allows us to perfect the swimming technique in any style more efficiently. It is a GREAT FACILITATOR to acquire motor and technical patterns. Thanks to the proprioceptive sensations that the student experiences, it is easier to acquire a correct swimming position that we will then continue to keep when we do not have any floating element incorporated.
Compatibility learning elements
Ki-Float is compatible with the different auxiliary learning materials. The most recommended is the swimming table. The kids is not afraid to lose them, because with Ki-flot floats and remains on the surface, using materials with total naturality and for the purpose that is designed, optimizing the use of them.
Comfort and tranquility
The use of Ki-flot in the classes, allows the teacher to focus his attention on the correction of the technique, reducing the time of control and supervision of the childrens, especially in numerous groups and with kids of early age. The tranquility that transmits its use in the kids, avoids the fear in these and facilitates the work of the teacher, reducing in initial rejection of the kids to the swimming classes. Once the floating elements have been eliminated, we will be able to user the Ki-flot as a classic, elastic and adaptable neoprene swimsuit that maintains the body temperature and prevents UVA rays.
Ki-flot is not a lifesaver, but the extra flotation we get with the floating sheets inside the strategically located pockets, gives us more security. Floating elements are inaccessible to students. This ensures the inability to manipulate them by mistake or carelessness. Thus we avoid modifications in the stability of suit or changes in the level of buoyancy. Even if the children know how to swim, we can introduce the floating sheets and we will be calmer using a Ki-flot in open water (sea, lakes, etc). Aunque los niños/as sepan nadar, podremos introducir las láminas flotantes y estaremos más tranquilos utilizando un ki-flot en aguas abiertas (mar, lagos, etc).
The Intelligent design of Ki-flot allows regulating the flotation of the suit. It is achieved by means of modular elements distributed in strategic positions of the same one. In this way, we can choose the level of buoyancy of the swimsuit according to the level of performance of the swim and/or the weight, customizing each swimsuit to the characteristics and needs of the kids. When making the purchase we send a method of use to teach properly in the Wetsuit Ki-flot.